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Classical Education Model

Designed for the Modern World. 

At Houston Classical School, we believe that  effective education goes beyond memorization and traditional lecturing. Active participation in the learning process entails analyzing, discussing, and collaborating in order to reinforce scholars' conceptual understanding of the material being taught.

Our Campus

We invite you to take a tour of our campus! We are located at
6403 Addicks Clodine, Houston, Texas 77083.  


We have a full gymnasium, a soccer field, and a playground for our scholars to enjoy daily.

Students in Hall
School Uniforms
HCC Classroom
Classroom 2
Gym 2

Our Guiding Principles


Rigorous instruction and curriculum drives academic success.


A classical education promotes critical thinking. 


Explicit character development prepares scholars for success in life.


Meaningful assessments drive scholar outcomes.


A highly structured environment promotes learning.


Highly effective teachers drive academic success.


Consistent family engagement promotes outcomes for scholars.

Our Core Values

Our school and program are driven by our CORE Values of Community, Optimism, Respect, and Excellence. These values are grounded in research, the study of successful school models, and belief in the human spirit. Our school’s focus on values will fill the needs of our community. This will be done through our daily language, the books we read, and how adults model our CORE Values. 

Our values are embedded into our curriculum, language, and daily routines to ensure scholars learn and exhibit high levels of literacy, mathematics, and science.

Our Focus

Literacy 2.JPG


We are a balanced literacy school that focuses on phonics, read-aloud, guided reading, shared text, and reading/writing workshop to develop a scholar's reading ability. This approach is used by the top performing schools in the country. 



Our mathematical approach is comprehensive. We will develop a strong foundation in math facts while also building a conceptual understanding of mathematical principles. Our K-8 program is designed and implemented to ensure scholars are successful in STAAR assessments and in life.



At Houston Classical, we believe that science and technology is an essential pillar of a 21st-century scholar. We also believe in experiment-based science, where scholars each week will participate in experiments related to the unit of study.

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