Our mathematical approach is comprehensive. We will develop a strong foundation in math facts while also building a conceptual understanding of mathematical principles. Our K-8 program is designed and implemented to ensure scholars are successful in STAAR assessments and in life.


At Houston Classical, we will use TERC Investigations by Pearson and focus on mathematical procedures, number sense, computation; it is standards-based and meets K-8 TEKS. During workshops, scholars are taught math concepts through lessons and practice concepts during independent time. Teachers lead lessons and investigations that require scholars to solve problems independently or in groups.


Cognitive Guided Instruction is based on the work of Children’s Mathematics by Thomas P. Carpenter.  Scholars develop and strengthen their innate ability to solve real world problems through multiple strategies. It focuses on enabling scholars to access grade level math problems, solve them using their own strategies, and explain how they obtained their answers. It focuses on building conceptual understanding and critical thinking skills in mathematics.