Our school and program are driven by our CORE Values of Community, Optimism, Respect, and Excellence. These values are grounded in research, the study of successful school models, and belief in the human spirit. Our school’s focus on values will fill the needs of our community. This will be done through our daily language, the books we read, and how adults model our CORE Values. The explicit ways of teaching character will be a unique aspect of our school to ensure we are building holistic adults who have a deep sense of commitment to their fellow man and society. We believe that teaching character will positively impact the community by harboring scholars who want to help their communities, become leaders, and ultimately be change agents in their own communities.     

At Houston Classical, we believe academics are essential to learning but that the teaching and reinforcement of values is equally important to develop the whole scholar. We believe in the explicit and implicit teaching of values. Thus, our values education will be embedded into our curriculum, language, and daily routines to ensure scholars learn and exhibit high levels of values in all areas of school. In the early grades this will be done through daily read alouds, weekly community meetings, and through our civic courses.